Static sites on AWS with S3, CloudFront, Route 53, and Certificate Manager

I primarily use this domain to map subdomains to IP addresses, but AWS makes it too simple to not post a simple static site. The hardest part is navigating the notoriously poorly-named AWS services.

Here, I outline the steps necessary to get a serverless static site set up on AWS.

Step 1: Storing static content on S3

Step 2: Managing DNS records with Route 53

Since I puchased my domain from Namecheap, I’ll need to point the domain to Amazon nameservers.

Step 3: Enabling SSL encryption with Certificate Manager

Step 4: Caching your static content with CloudFront

Under ‘Origin Settings’

Under ‘Default Cache Behavior Settings’:

Under ‘Distribution Settings’

Step 5: Pointing Route 53 to the CloudFront distribution